Dogs and Holidays

Can Your Dog Enjoy the Holiday Spirit?

Christmas Holiday DogWith Halloween just passed, and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years fast approaching, activities, food and home decor change a lot. There is more of everything!

  • More treats and rich food to feed your dog
  • More decorations around the house
  • More people coming and going

Although these things are fine for you, they aren't necessarily fine for your dog, in fact they can be very harmful and dangerous.

Safeguard your dog for the holidays:

The wrong food:

  • Dogs should never eat chocolate
    • It's not uncommon for a dog to have a sweet tooth, so finding or being given some chocolate would probably thrill any dog.
    • But chocolate is toxic to dogs, sometimes even fatal.
  • Conscientious dog owners don't typically give their dogs table scraps, but may think that their pet should be able to enjoy the Thanksgiving turkey along with everyone else.
    • No turkey for your dogsA small piece of the turkey without the bones, gravy or the skin is all right. But be extra careful that there aren't any bones included.
    • Turkey bones are easily broken, and a piece of bone could find it's way into your dog's throat or stomach, where it could do a lot of damage.
    • Refrain from giving your dog foods that contain high amounts of sugar, fat or sodium.
    • No alcoholic beverages for your dog. Some people think this is funny, but it is absolutely not, alcohol, like chocolate can be toxic.

Holiday Decorations:

  • Don't let your dog drink the Christmas tree water - it can make them sick.
  • Don't decorate your tree with edible ornaments - not only won't your dog understand that they are ornaments and not treats, but he could knock the tree over trying to get to them.
  • With all of the holiday lights comes lots of electrical cords and extension cords.
    • Keep them as safely tucked away as possible. Many dogs are prone to chew on things like that, which could not only shock them, but they could eat pieces of cord which could do internal damage.
  • CandlesIf you like to light holiday candles, be sure they are high enough that wagging tails can't knock them over and start a fire.
  • Watch your dog around the gifts under the tree, some may try eating the ribbon which could give them intestinal problems.

Holiday guests:

Holiday parties and company brings lots of people in and out of the house. Some dogs don't do well with too much confusion in the home, it actually can cause stress. It might be best to make your dog comfortable in a quiet room in the house. This will also eliminate the chance of your dog running through your guests, and possibly even escaping outside if the door happens to get left open.

Our pets don't really care about celebrating the holidays as much as we do, but they can still be part of the festivities with us. We just need to be careful of what they are exposed to so that humans and animals alike have a pleasant and safe season.

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