How to Take Care of a Dog

Tips for Taking Care of Your New Dog

Caring for your new puppy

So you did it, or you've decided to do it - there's a new dog in your life.

Whether this is your first, or you have had other dogs, it never hurts to take a little refresher course in how to take care of a dog.

Different breeds require some "specialty" care, but in this article, we're going to talk about the general care and keeping of your new friend.

Many people say that having a dog is like having a child, and in many respects that is true. Your dog depends solely on you for such things as proper diet, exercise, healthcare and social training.

Your dog care responsibilities:

  • Affection - Almost more important than food is the need for affection. If you expect your dog to be "your best friend", you need to be his.
  • Feeding - Your responsibility is to provide your dog with a good, healthy diet. Keep in mind that each breed and size of dog will have their own dietary needs, and you should consult your veterinarian or breeder to determine what's best for yours.
    • To insure that your dog gets all the nutrition that it needs, you should provide him with vitamins and other essential minerals and supplements.
    • Feed your dog according to not only his size, but his age. A less active dog should not receive the same portions as a young active dog. In fact, Dog playing and getting exercise is part of dog carethey, like puppies should be fed food that has been developed for their age group.
    • Always make sure your dog has plenty of clean fresh water every day.
  • Exercise - Your dog, just like you, should receive plenty of exercise to stay healthy and in good shape. Your dog will live longer with good exercise.
    • Typically, the larger the dog, the more exercise it will probably need.
    • Everyday activities should include regular walks or runs, with the addition of some good playtime.
  • Healthcare - Your dog should not be a stranger to the veterinarian.
    • He should have regular yearly physicals.
    • He should receive regular vaccinations to protect from parvo virus, hepatitis, distemper and other health problems.
    • Unless you are planning to breed your dogs, serious consideration should be given to spaying and neutering.
    • Your veterinarian will also be able to check and clean your dog's teeth.
  • Grooming - Each breed of dog will have their own grooming needs and requirements. Check with your veterinarian, breeder or even online to learn what your dog will require. Correct grooming and hygiene habits are very important for your dog's overall well-being and health.

Enjoy this short video by a veterinarian on feeding your new puppy.

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