Puppy for Christmas

Is There a Christmas Puppy in Your Future?

Christmas PuppyAre you considering getting a puppy for Christmas for your children?

This can be a very fun idea, but there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Some people are very much against puppies as gifts, but I have seen it work out really well for the family as long as good thought and planning are done before the actual purchase.

A puppy is a big responsibility, and if you have never had one, you can compare it to adding another child to your family. But like the child, they are great, loving ad rewarding.

Many years ago a family of 4 daughters awoke on Christmas morning to find a Chihuahua puppy under the tree. When the puppy, who was a little bit scared, started growling, one of the little girls thought he was purring! They had a lot to learn...but they did, the dog and the family spent many great years together.

Where to begin...

  • The first thing you need to do is to decide on a breed of dog whose personality would fit well with your family.
    • For a family with children, if you want a large dog, maybe a Golden or  Labrador Retriever or for a smaller dog, maybe a Corgi or a Spaniel.
  • Another thing to consider is how much maintenance your new dog will need, and how much you are willing to devote.
    • For example, a poodle is a wonderful and very smart dog, but also very high maintenance when it comes to grooming.
  • Do you have the time for a dog? If you are a busy family, one that is gone from the home a great deal of time, maybe a dog isn't the best idea - dogs are social animals and need to be around their families.

Where do you buy your dog?

You have a variety of options for where to purchase your new dog.

  • You can buy puppies from breedersPet stores
  • Private Breeders
  • Animal Shelters

Just be sure that wherever you choose is reputable, do a little research and even go so far as to get references. You definitely don't want to get involved with someone who is associated with puppy mills, where you could face heartbreak and high veterinary costs.

If your new best friend is going to be more than just a pet, and may also be for show or for breeding there are other details:

  • Have a signed contract with your breeder - this will protect both parties.
  • Let your breeder know what you need or expect in a dog, be specific and have it  noted in the contract.
  • If a deposit is required, be sure to have a signed contract before any exchange of money.

Your new puppy is going to be part of your family, plan well and enjoy!

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