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Do You Enjoy Walking Your Dog?

Walkingyour dog - Showoff Dog ClothingA big part of responsible dog ownership is making sure your dog gets enough exercise and stimulation. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is to walk your dog daily.

A side benefit is that you will get exercise and stimulation also.

Walking your dog should not feel like a chore, but it should be a pleasure for both of you.

How many times have you seen someone either on the street or in a park, and you're not sure who is walking who. The dog definitely seems to be in control.

When this occurs, all of the pleasure disappears, and it becomes a battle of wills... you pulling on the dog trying to get him (or her) to slow down, and the dog pulling on you trying to get you to speed up.

Don't let your dog walk you

Allowing your dog to take the "lead", and walk in front of you, puts your dog in charge. It re-enforces in his mind that he isĀ  "alpha over you". This kind of thinking can lead to behavioral problems in the future. Your dog needs to realize that you are in charge, which he will do as you teach him his boundaries.

Walk with a leashUse a dog leash when walking your dog

Letting your dog walk freely is asking for trouble. That only gives him the opportunity to run off and possible get into trouble. Once your dog is well trained, there are safe and secluded places you can go to let him walk off leash.

  • Use a regular, flat collar and leash and avoid using such devices as choke chains.
    • Your goal is to create a bond between you and your dog, not inflict pain.
  • Your dog should not walk ahead of you, but rather by your side or at your heel, so he learns to be attentive to you, what you want and where you are going.
  • Don't allow your dog to pull on the leash.
    • When this happens, stop until your dog returns to you, and resume walking when pulling on the leash discontinues.
  • Talk to your dog as you're walking, and praise him as he walks correctly.
    • If you only talk to your dog when he's doing something you don't want him to, that will train him do misbehave so he can get your attention.

Here is a great video with some very good dog walking tips.


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**originally published 8/30/11


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