Why Get a Dog?

Why Get a Dog? Why Not?

Cute Puppy can be your best friendWhy get a dog, and why not get a dog? Those are both great questions you should ask yourself before you take the plunge and bring home that cute puppy.

Several years ago, a newly married couple decided they would get a dog, specifically a poodle. A lady they knew had two miniature poodles and the young woman fell in love with them.

Being a newlywed, the husband wanted to please his new wife and consented. He had heard of someone who had a poodle for sale, so they went to take a look. Well, the poodle that was for sale was a full sized Standard Poodle, not the miniature that the young woman wanted. But afraid to say no, she bought the dog and took it home.

Here is where their problem began, they lived in a small studio apartment, "no pets allowed." The next day, when the couple went to work, not knowing what to do with the dog, they closed it in the bathroom with food and water. Upon returning home that night, the bathroom was a disaster and the poor dog was freaking out. Recognizing the error of their decision - the dog was returned to it's previous owner that night.

Unfortunately, these kinds of decisions are made all the time, and typically it's the dog that pays the price.

Before you get a dog:

  • Decide if you can afford a dog. Even a "free" dog isn't free.
    • Depending on the size of your dog, food can be a large expense,No pets allowed
    • There are vaccinations, licenses, and training classes.
    • You will want to buy all kinds of fun toys.
  • Is your home appropriate for a dog? (Definitely not a "no pets allowed" apartment)
  • Does anyone in your family have allergies?
  • Do you have time for a dog?
    • They need attention - they need to be played with, walked and bathed.
  • Do you travel a lot?
    • Traveling means boarding or taking your dog with you.

Why do you want a dog?

There are so many great reasons for owning a dog.

  • It's great for children to grow up with dogs - they can learn responsibility along with enjoying a pet. They will have a built-in friend.
  • If you're single they are wonderful companions.
  • Maybe you feel the need for protection. Dogs are great deterrents to human threats.
  • A dog really can be your best friend.
    • They love you unconditionally.
    • They are always happy to see you (good for self esteem).
    • Your dog can be therapeutic, just the simple act of petting a dog can help lower blood pressure
    • They'll go for walks with you anytime you want.
    • Your dog will always want to please you.Jona wearing Showoff Collection jacket

I love to pamper my dogs, I make sure they have good food, good exercise and lots of love.

One of the things I like to do for my dogs is to make sure they have great looking jackets to protect them for the weather. That is why I developed my line of Showoff Dog Clothing.

Check out the fun things you can do for your dog!

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Coy has always loved dogs and fashion. She has combined both of these passions in her new line of dog apparel - The Showoff Collection, stylish and functional dog clothing. Follow her on Google+
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