Barking Dogs

Can Your Dog's Unnecessary Barking be Stopped?

Barking DogDo your neighbors say this about your dog? "It never fails, in fact it happens every day at the same time, it's like clockwork... 7:30 a.m. hits, and the neighbor's dog starts barking."

Obviously you have just left for work and your dog is unhappy about being left alone.

There have been many neighborhood disputes over noisy dogs - in fact some towns have ordinances against dogs that are excessive barkers and become nuisances.

No one wants their dog to be considered a nuisance - we love our dogs and we want everyone else to also. So it's up to us to help our dogs be in better control.

First of all - Dogs Bark

We actually want our dogs to bark when they are trying to warn us!

Don't expect your dog to be quiet all the time, barking is what they do to communicate their emotions:

  • Excitement
  • Fear
  • Boredom
  • Hunger
  • Discomfort
  • Threatened
  • Joy

The challenge is to understand why your dog is barking and then help your dog change their behavior.

If your dog is barking too much:

  • If you are trying to get your dog to stop barking - you should remain calm. If you are acting agitated and loud when trying to quiet your dog, you will be sending mixed signals.Exercise may help your dog stop barking
  • Dogs often bark because of pent-up energy - are you giving him enough exercise?
  • Your dog could be barking because of separation anxiety. They may have special training and physical needs that should be met when they are left alone.
  • Understand the things that start your dog's barking, and try to avoid them. For example, if your dog loves barking at the mailman, be sure the dog is kept in the back of the house when the mailman usually comes.
  • Is your dog bored? Give your dog new stimulation - sometimes a ride in the car will give her enough of a mental workout to keep her calm.
  • Does your dog want to play?
  • Is your dog being left outside alone too much - dogs are social creatures and need contact and socialization.

Overcoming unwanted behaviors in your dog can take great patience, but in the end they'll truly be "your best friend".

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