Welcome to "The Showoff Collection"

The Showoff Collection is all about the love of dogs.

My name is Coy Koshka, and I am the designer and creator of a fun and unique line of jackets and vests for dogs of all breeds and all sizes.

Coy and her boys, Mica & Jona - The Showoff CollectionI have had dogs all of my life...growing up our family had a little Mexican Chihuahua, named Peco, who was my first canine friend.

Since then I have owned Dobermans, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Afghans and currently I share my life with 2 Standard Parti Poodles - Mica & Jona.

My dogs are a very important part of my life and I make great effort to give them the best care possible.

I have shown and bred my dogs, and now with these Poodles, I have learned to groom them. I knew absolutely nothing about grooming when I brought Mica home, but learned from a wonderful book by Shirley Kalstone called "Poodle Clipping & Grooming - The International Reference".

I started The Showoff Collection because I couldn't find male dog clothing anywhere. I know that I am not the only one who would like to put a nice jacket or vest on my dogs, not only to dress them up but to protect them from the weather.

Having designed and sewn my own clothing all my life, I knew creating dog clothing was something I could definitely do. So I decided to create this line of "not off the shelf" dog clothing for male and female dogs. I like to use faux fur and fleece, something you won't see everywhere you go.

Remember, all dogs are equal in my site, and I will create for every one of them.

I hope you will have fun browsing my store.

Don't forget to read the interesting articles that I will be posing from time to time.

Thank you for coming to my website!



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