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Dogs in Heat

Image of Getting a new puppy - The Showoff Collection - Dog Apparel

Now your little female puppy is becoming a young lady! More fun ahead when she comes into heat at around six months to 24 months of age. Most female dogs have two cycles of heat per year which allow the dog to release eggs and reproduce. These cycles start after the dog has reached puberty. Continue reading

Barking Dogs

Barking Dog

Do your neighbors say this about your dog?

“It never fails, in fact it happens every day at the same time, it’s like clockwork… 7:30 a.m. hits, and the neighbor’s dog starts barking.” Obviously the neighbor has just left for work and their dog is unhappy about being left alone.

There have been many neighborhood disputes over noisy dogs – in fact some towns have ordinances against dogs that are excessive barkers and become nuisances.

No one wants their dog to considered a nuisance – we love our dogs and we want everyone else to also. So it’s up to us to help our dogs be in better control. Continue reading

Walk Your Dog

Walkingyour dog - Showoff Dog Clothing

How many times have you seen someone either on the street or in a park, and you’re not sure who is walking who. The dog definitely seems to be in control. Continue reading

Puppy for Christmas

Christmas Puppy

Are you considering getting a puppy for Christmas for your children?

This can be a very fun idea, but there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Some people are very much against puppies as gifts, but I have seen it work out really well for the family as long as good thought and planning are done before the actual purchase. Continue reading